I am interested in objects relating to objects, people relating to people…their relationships, their quest for self, each other, and how they might relate to the world.  Narration is an old and honorable tradition, both visual and oral.  It is a path I follow instinctively.  My paintings evolve in much the same way as characters in a book.  They present themselves to me, lead me a merry chase, and finally resolve themselves into a cohesive unit.

Watching people, watching nature, noticing the minutiae of life has been my thing since childhood.  Insects, polliwogs, plants, looking through a forest of grownup legs, blank faces on San Francisco buses, reading James Thurber, Carson McCullers, Truman Capote…jobs in window display, frame shops, architectural salvage, teaching, being a mother, being a child…these are my bones, and the paintings are built upon them.

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